This is the planned order of play for today’s event. Of course, the timings are only approximate to allow for unforeseen circumstances!

09:45 – Mayor bowls the first ball

10:00 – Warren Powell-Richards vs Harvesters
10:45 – The Eight Bells vs Alton College
11:30 – Alton Masons vs The Railway
12:15 – Bushy Leaze vs Castle of Comfort
13:00 – The Bakers vs The French Horn
13:45 – The Eight Bells vs Castle of Comfort
14:30 – The Railway vs The French Horn
15:15 – The Bakers vs Alton Masons
16:00 – Warren Powell-Richards vs Alton College
16:45 – Harvesters vs Bushy Leaze

17:30 – THE FINAL

18:15 – Presentations of Runners-Up and Winners Medals
Presentation of Best Dressed Team Cup
Raffle Prize Draw

We have a variety of entertainment around the arena for you to enjoy throughout the day, including horse and cart rides, plenty of entertainment for the kids and two fully stocked bars for the adults!