Cardiac Rehab (Basingstoke & Alton Cardiac Rehabilitation Charity Ltd) celebrate this year the 20th Anniversary of its purpose built Cardiac Rehab Centre based in Alton, however the story starts 21 years before that!

In 1976 Dr Hugh Bethell helped to start a movement that changed the way those who had suffered a heart incident were supported after leaving hospital. Dr Bethell established a rehabilitation programme that took those individuals and helped them manage their conditions and risk factors through following a tailored and personalised exercise programme plus healthy lifestyle advice.

This revolution changed forever how people with heart disease were managed. 40 years on, not only do Cardiac Rehab provide over 50 hours of exercise per week and host over 25,000 attendances per year, but for the last 8 years has been not only looking to help those with heart disease but those at risk of developing heart disease.

Heart disease remains one of the UK’s single biggest killers with on average around 200 people a day in the UK dying from a heart attack. The extent of the problem can be seen in the stats below.

Cardiac Rehab is playing its part in helping to reduce the social impact through its preventative and rehabilitation work, but can only do so with the generosity of our local community.

We need in excess of £300,000 every year to maintain what we do and this comes in part from contributions made from those exercising at the Centre but primarily from monies we can raise through donations, events, planned giving and legacies. Cardiac Rehab receives no government of NHS funding for what it does.

We are therefore so very grateful to the Victorian Cricket Committee for choosing Cardiac Rehab as the beneficiary of this wonderful day.

Thank you to everyone for supporting this event – your contributions will make a huge difference in helping to change people’s lives.

Martin Lovell
General Manager